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  1. Rent the smallest amount of space you need and pack it full.

  2. Insure your goods while in storage. We are not responsible for loss from fire or theft

  3. Keep a list of all items put into storage as well as pictures and descriptions.

  4. Leave a small air space between your goods stored and the unit walls.

  5. Cover your mattresses, chairs and sofas to keep them protected.

  6. Wax your wood furniture before you store it.

  7. Your clothes can be kept on their hangers and stored directly into your wardrobe boxes.

  8. Empty gas from lawn mowers and weed-wackers before storing.

  9. Oil your bikes and tools to keep them from rusting while being stored.

  10. Mark "Fragile" on all boxes that are storing your breakable goods.

  11. Keep your boxes packed to 30 lbs or less per box.

  12. Pack your books flat, alternating bindings so they will stack evenly, and no more than 30 lbs.

  13. Pictures and mirrors should be stored upright, never flat and label packaging.

  14. Dishes and glasses should be wrapped and packed in sturdy boxes.

  15. Label all of your boxes and what is stored in each box, for easy location of your goods.

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